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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Tamil Nadu State Elections 2006 Update

It is my pleasure to pen this article - Tamil Nadu Elections 2006. I always wanted to write about the elections 2006, since lot of hot things are happenning!

The opinions below are my personal opinions and does not come from an organization's perspective. As a citizen of India, I have right to express my thoughts. Well coming to the article -

AIADMK has done some good things in this ruling period. AIADMK supremo Ms. J Jayalalitha had worked hard to get some of the plans work for the poor and needy. Some of the autocratic decisions are not acceptable in this rule. She has not cooperated very well with the central government, because many tamil nadu ministers in central are from the opposition parties. It is heard that AIADMK is offering crores to actors and actresses for joining their party. AIADMK had been opposing the manifesto published by the opposition parties for their free color TV and Rs.2 for 1 Kg rice. Now, they have come up with some refined manifesto of providing 10Kg rice free, which when calculated for the approximate budget comes up as a bad budget of 800 crores, which is not feasible at all.

DMK did a good rule couple of years back, but did not win in that particular elections, which was surprising. Well, nothing is predictable. Currently DMK has come up with manifesto stating - free color TV and Rs.2 for 1 Kg rice. Atlast, using the media power DMK has, it is being justified that it is possible. Actor cum Director K.Bhagyaraj is campaigning DMK. Actor Sarath Kumar and actress Radhika left the party to join the opposition AIADMK, because of disrespect to him by an Union Minister Dayanidhi Maran.

Many projections say that AIADMK has a higher hand, but considering some recent changes in their manifesto, we cannot say anything - about who is going to win this elections.

Check out the media strength of DMK -
Print Media: Dinakaran, Tamizh Murasu, Kungumam, Mutharam, Vannathirai, Kunguma Chimizh.
FM Channels: Suryan FM Chennai, Suryan FM Coimbatore, SuryanFM Nellai, Visakha FM.
TV Channels: Sun TV, K TV, Gemini TV, Udaya TV, Surya TV, Teja TV, Ushe TV, SUN Music, Kiran TV, Adhithya TV, Udhaya2, Udaya News, Sun News, Teja News.

Check out the media strength of AIADMK -
Jaya TV Channel, Dr.Namathu MGR Newspaper.

If you are watching only SUN TV, you will vote for Rising Sun - DMK.
If you are watching only JAYA TV, you will vote for Two Leaves - AIADMK.
These two parties use their media to a great extent.

Vijaya T Rajendran has floated a party recently - Latchiya DMK - LDMK and joined hands with DMK.

A new entrant to politics has to be mentioned here as well. Actor turned Politician, DMDK Chief, Captain Vijayakanth. It is said that Vijayakanth is stealing the votes of AIADMK, than that of DMK. His propogando is against the rule of DMK and ADMK. He claims, Dravidian parties ruled so far had been cheating people so far and had not really been effective. He also seem to have a good vote bank with him. All the Best to him. However, both the parties had said he is not a threat to them at all. Also, Vijayakanth seem to use Dr. MG Ramachandran's name lot more than AIADMK!

All India Forward Bloc chief Karthik working in one side. He comes in news at times, that he has got threats from a party for not contesting. This is because he was requested by their party members to contest against a heavy-weight - AIADMK Supreo Ms.Jayalalitha. Recently a member of AIFC attempted suicide and he was dead today.

The projection mentioned above could be kind of old, and it is projected by The Hindu - leading south indian newspaper. As per the situations currently, anything could change in people's mind.

Everyone's campaign meeting could get crowd, but nobody can say who will win in this Tamil Nadu Elections 2006.

Let us wait and see for May 8th!!

All the Best to all the parties contesting this elections and hope whoever wins will serve the state to the best possible. -


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  • this article(further refined) was featured in chennaionline.com as an election citizen's report.

    By Blogger Madurai Machan, at 4:43 AM  

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