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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Crores for campaigning

I am really ashamed and surprised to hear this - Crores are being offered for actors to join and campaign for the party!!:-(

It really frustrates me that we are still being fooled by an actor campaigning for a party!

Next to that - the political party offers lot of cash for joining them. I don't know how do they get so much money, by just being a position in administration!

In my life, it is a dream to make just ONE CRORE, and I hope it just won't become a dream! But these guys have so much crores to offer for their business.

It makes me angry in fact, but not sure how to express it. Hence this blog article.

Some of the (rumours)it might not be accurate or might not be correct -
1. Vaiko was offered 40 crores to join the party.
2. Top actor like Kamala haassan is offered 100 crores to join and campaign for the party.
3. Actor Sarath Kumar and Radhika is offered with 40 crores to join the party!

These are some of the party's rumour. I will pray god for all these be false statements.

Disclaimer: All the articles in this blog are my personal opinions and does not reflect any organization's opinions. Any organization is not responsible for the opinions above. These articles are not to hurt anybody.

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