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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Drinking in the day time!

In Madurai, it is very common for some of the road-romeos, to drink in the day-time, even though they don't have money for food and to give to the family.

These folks won't even have job, food to feed their family - but he would be the first person to appear while the wine shop opens. He will drink and lie down in the road unconciously.

Even though, drinking in the morning is common in western culture, they will make sure they are doing their work properly in their weekdays and enjoy in weekends and vacation times. But our poor folks are really spoilt because of liquor, when they don't even have money for lunch/dinner.

There are various rehabilitation centres even in Madurai working on these kind of cases.

The real sufferers are the family women, who do not work, but expect money from husband, because he is considered the actual bread-winner. I have myself seen many cases like this very closely.

Atlast, you know what happens usually? Yes - the ladies start working to their capacity. That is what happens.

There are various SHG(Self Help Women's Group) who have started working and they are rocking in whatever they are doing, which is improving their life and their children's life to the maximum!

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