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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Do not try, Just Do it!!

Do not try. Just do it. I joined my first company and I was having my orientation in a hall in the "The Capitol", Bangalore. Global HR was giving his session sometime in the afternoon. He is a terrific guy as a HR and he was telling stories to the college grads turning Professionals. He was telling about the idea of the Best Employee award. I was very excited to hear that topic and I was shaking my head more than required. He noticed me in the crowd and called me to the podium. He told me will you become the best employee and get an award this forthcoming year. I said I will "try". Then he took out his cellphone and placed on the LCD projector. Then he said try to lift the cell phone. I realized what he was conveying to me. Then I said I will do that Sir and I just lifted the cell phone, without saying that I will try. That was a terrific lesson for me and I thought you all will like it. I see there is lot of education in this. Also you can note that in the whole book you can't find the word "TRY", except for the words for this incident.

An excerpt from our book - Employee No.1 (MOst Valued Employee - MOVE) - written by NEW MADURAI FOUNDATION and sponsored by MADE IN MADURAI.



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