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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Status Reporting in work is very important

Status Reporting is one of the important things to impress your boss. If you are working late in the night and you are completing the work at 1:00AM. Before you leave for the day, send a mail to the team and to the manager appropriately. This will show that you have been working late dedicated. I am not counselling you to show-off that you are working hard. But there are two parameters to be considered. Credibility and Visibility. Both these parameters are like two eyes for you in order to present yourself effectively. Credibility stresses the point for you to work harder, I am talking about the real work. Visibility stresses the point that the work you are doing has to be conveyed directly or indirectly to your immediate manager. Make sure your work's results reaches your leader and manager. If either one of the parameter is missing you will not be able to succeed. In this new world, if you are going to work harder and nobody is going to notice, all of your work is going to be wasted. Or in another hand, if you just do not do work and you try to showoff, sooner or later, you will be blacklisted very easily by the manager for not doing the work, even though you might have got short term benefits out of it. So I say have credibility and then visibility too. If you are walking out from your seat to drink water, do not walk out without a paper or a file...You know what I am talking about!

An excerpt from our book - Employee No.1 (MOst Valued Employee - MOVE) - written by NEW MADURAI FOUNDATION and sponsored by MADE IN MADURAI.



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