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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Be Pro-active

Being pro-active will not only make you a best employee, but also a great leader. You should be able to think first, before anybody else could think about it. Be the first to learn. Be the first to think about the new concept. Start reading latest magazines and read the technical websites related to your profession. If you are a software engineer, read "Express Computer", "DQ Week", "PC Quest", "Computer World" etc., This will give you lot of knowledge about what is happenning in the market. You will be able to pour lot of ideas in the technical or planning or status meeting. You must dream yourself as a leader. You must lead with ideas. When you start thinking first, you will be identified by the management as a leader and you eventually become the leader of your team members.

An excerpt from our book - Employee No.1 (MOst Valued Employee - MOVE) - written by NEW MADURAI FOUNDATION and sponsored by MADE IN MADURAI.



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