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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Rude Cab Driver

Yesterday I had to take a taxi for a short appointment three miles away. I booked a cab from Yellow Cab Service. I had no surprise to see taxi drivers of different races at different times. This time it was an Indian, speaking Hindi.

We were really frustrated to see that - he was on phone and was not considering us even though we were sitting in back seat. He didn't even ask where are we going!

After sometime, he talks to me through his rear view mirror asking for - where are we going, using a gesture in his hand, while he was on phone. I felt like calling the manager/customer support of the cab service. Well, didn't do that, for various reasons.

He was talking business on phone about loans, mortgage, buying and selling houses etc., Atlast, I had to tell him the way to go to my home.

Overall, I didn't like what the cab driver did to us. When someone is in a situation where customers are being interacted directly, as a customer I expect complete attention.

This is something similar to a bank cashier, reading some entertainment magazine in his office time, when he is supposed to transact cash between the bank and the customers.

Well, atlast I reached my home safely, and I hope I don't travel with the same cab driver ever in my life again. God Bless this Cab Driver.

BTW, the grocery store, I mentioned in one of my previous articles, was about SAFEWAY Grocery Store, Fairfax.



  • customer is the king,said Gandhiji(?) but we indians rarely recognise this and growth of our call centres tell us a different story

    By Blogger vijyan, at 10:53 AM  

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