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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Start Early for the day's work!

When you start your day early, you will have an edge in your life and you will have high feel-good factor. I am saying this because when you start your day early, you have an edge that you have started your day ahead of the world. You can complete more 70% of work from 7AM or 8AM to 11AM, rather than the period 10AM to 5PM. Also you can avoid the traffic. You will be reaching the office easily without traffic problems, without accidents, in other words reach office safe, without pollution. If you start your day early, you can complete your work early and you can have more personal life in the evening.

An excerpt from our book - Employee No.1 (MOst Valued Employee - MOVE) - written by NEW MADURAI FOUNDATION and sponsored by MADE IN MADURAI.



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