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Monday, December 26, 2011

Much Neat Motel in Trichy to Chennai Road

I have been travelling between Madurai and Chennai for past 2 years in TNSTC and SETC buses very regularly. Usually (at least as I know for 2 years), all TNSTC and SETC buses stop in a totally dirty motels, which has poor toilet facilities - like very poorly maintained toilets, even the space of the motel, that is the roads/parking spaces inside the motel are always dirty, full of swamp and you cannot even walk on those roads/spaces inside.

Yesterday, when I came by TNSTC A/C bus from Madurai to Chennai. At around 2:30 AM they stopped at a new place, which was maintained by Reliance Group. I think only the private buses park there for tea break. However, these days TNSTC buses also have started to park here looks like.

I asked a security guard there, which place is this. This is 26 kms from Villupuram and this is outskirts of ulundurpet. The place is called Badhur and anybody will know if you refer as Reliance Petrol Bunk Baadhur.

Many of my co-passengers were wondering, where did we land! We have never seen this kind of motel before, if you have only travelled by the government buses. I remember I have come to this place before, when I have travelled via Parveen Travels.

Anyway, the beauty is - at 2:30 AM, couple of women were really sweeping that space - i mean really sweeping and making that space clean. All the space inside this motel were made of Tar road. Some of my co-passengers were shocked and were pleased. These kind of motels also exist in Madurai to Chennai NH Highways Road.

I am sure the motel operators might be misusing the cleanliness and charge more to the customers. At any case, that is ok, as long as it goes to right pockets.

If all the motels are kept this clean, that will be great. I will be much proud of the Highways in Tamil Nadu. Since I have travelled/lived in US, I kind of have an idea of how neat a motel is in other countries. Hence, the comparison.

Good luck tamil nadu!!

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