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Monday, September 19, 2011

Dealing with Consumers - Customer Service Problems

When there is popularity, automatically comes problems as well. As a company gains popularity, automatically few would come up with problems as well for the company.

Company is ready to help the consumers, if they are contacted directly, but due to the power of internet and also law comes handy these days, consumers go directly to the internet for expressing their grievances.


Thanks for your complaint. I represent Sana Consultancy and I wanted to explain you in detail -

I would have appreciated if you would have come to us directly and expressed your concern or called our customer complaints and appreciations phone number 9629424451.

We are here to help you if you have any problems in finding a job. Our policy is to help you get a job in the matter of 2 months, for the minimal amount (like Rs.100 or 200 etc.,) we get which is one time payment (for 2 months time period validity). This is nothing for a consumer, most of the cases - in today's price rates and inflation rates. Sana Consultants is not going to become a crorepathi by geting Rs.100 or 200 from you. That is not even enough to give salary for the employees.

If you are not satisfied with one company's interview, we are here to give another company's interview for you to attend. Without even checking with us about next proceedings, you cannot directly go and complain and that hurts us a lot. Interviews don't click for an individual in just one company. If you have any complaints call me directly 9629424451 or email oruvelai@gmail.com and we are ready to help you and we will make sure you are satisfied.

House atmosphere companies are very common. The company might be in a house atmosphere but they might be doing software development for US customers. Hence, they might be a growing company or a start up. Most of the companies in US were started in garages and even Google was started in garage. You cannot complain on the house atmosphere or any our company customers like that.

We are not like other consultancies (where you had bad experiences), but we do this job very sincerely and dedicated to help everyone to a maximum extent. If we are not able to followup back and check if you got a job, it is your responsibility to followup with us to get another company contact for interview.

We do have success stories of people coming to us and telling us that we are happy and got job through you. We understand that you are dissatisfied with our services, but if you are not happy with one company, you could have come to us and we are ready to help you again and we consider it as high priority.

Please contact us directly and we are here to help you get a job and we guarantee you that you will land in job. We want good name and we don't want anybody dissatisfied with our services.

Thank you
Sana Consultancy

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