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Friday, September 16, 2011

Managing your Human resources to achieve maximum output - Business wisdom

When it comes to any problem, there is always a solution. When it comes to people management problems, there is always a solution to it.

There are lessons from many types of management. When the employees get together with the general manager, and they all act against the Management, then what will the management do?

Look at the problems from the employees? What made them to group together to act against the management? Did management do something, which triggered them to do against the management? Find out the reasons behind the group-ism among the employees. If there is only one group or two or more group among the employees? Is there any problem between these groups? Is there a single person who is causing all these troubles and group-ism? Find out the core reason behind all these!

Atlast, I am sure you will be able to find the problem. There might be one or two person who might be causing the whole thing! They might be doing that for their benefit clearly. If you feel, because of this, there is reduction in productivity. Then take action.

Always make solutions, which is like taking out the nail from the foot, without pain and make sure you apply the medicine without the victim's knowledge and make sure your company runs smoothly.

Divide and Rule helps always. "Recognition" weapon is a great weapon and if you handle correctly on the correct person, you can make wonders. This is hard in some ways, but when you are being manipulated and this is business - you will have to handle people with care and with weapons and at the same time give them care and that I do make sure I give care as employees of the company.

If somebody is complaining too much, recognize them and get them to your control and I bet that employee will be your star employee for next month.

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