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Friday, August 05, 2011

Who said Madurai is not IT savvy?!!

Wow, I was so surprised to hear this!

I was looking for website quotes from various companies in Madurai. And I usually look for companies which is near to my office, hence I was google-ing and looking out for near by software or web design companies in Madurai in my area.

I was stunned at some replies. I asked for a quote for a static website with 5 pages and I called bunch of companies. In that, here are some two replies -

1) "Sir - we do not accept any new projects, because we have enough projects to handle!" - I was stunned!! Where am I?! Company is doing well with very good project.s

2) "Moreover, we only take projects from only Fortune 500 companies". Man - this is a reply from a software company in Madurai.

Who said Madurai is not TECH SAVVY!! There are n number of companies like this in Madurai and they are working very hard towards their success.

It is just a button away from becoming an IT hub as such, and that button is from the Government and NRIs and other associations which work on development of software and other infrastructure in and around Madurai.



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