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Thursday, August 04, 2011

Pre-marital sex is on the rise with our Tamil Nadu culture - my personal opinion

As I have been travelling all around Chennai, Madurai, Trichy etc., in comparison with my time of youth, I am surprised to see a lot of pre-marital affairs, relationship and sex in today's youths.

In my time (that is more than 10 years back) in my college days, there would be a very less percentage of folks who might have been involved in any sexual activity among my classmates, before marriage. But, it is has become very common these days in today's youth.

Why is that case? I would say here are some reasons I understand - more money in hand for youths, more freedom of youth, more exposure to entertainment and media - internet, atomic families, culture in-tact is missing, both parents working and no time to take care of their kids, unbalanced youths and seeking for a partner before marriage and at last trying to copy the culture of west!

I would not say it is good or bad, but here is my observation and this is where we are going towards.

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  • Honestly, how would you know premarital sex is on the rise, unless you actually saw them do it. Boys and girls do have more possibility for interaction, but kids (girls especially) nowadays are smart. They understand that sex comes after marriage. That is how girls get guys to marry them!! :)

    What I will agree with you is that some guys have more than 1 girlfriend.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:15 PM  

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