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Thursday, August 04, 2011

Government to go out proactively and ask for investments FDI?

Does government go out proactively and look for investments in the Country or State or in the city? is there a body of government which works on these lines?

I might be ignorant in this matter, but if there is one I would be glad.

I assume this body of government has to project the facilities, benefits provided by the government for the any investors into the Country or State or the City.

Let us take smaller part of the country - a panchayat...no..let us take a little bigger than that. A City government - A municipality or a Corporation. Do the corporation officials go out and look for Foreign investments or other corporate investments in the country? I understand that there will be somebody in the corporation to talk to for investing in the city, but I strongly believe that there is no body of the corporation government who goes out and brings in business.

I suggest a Corporation has to function like a business or a corporate company, where there is a Sales or Business Development Manager or Executive who work for the benefit of the company and also have Foreign or Corporate Direct Investments into the City.

Corporation officials or Ministries - I suggest or recommend you to take this idea or tip or suggestion for the improvement of every City!



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