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Thursday, August 04, 2011

Outlook of an NRI about India and his/her city or state

I have been an NRI in past and I kind of know the outlook of an NRI about the home country, state and the city or his/her village. This is a personal opinion and this might be fitting for majority, but not all. This article is not to hurt anybody, but it is a general opinion - in majority sense you will accept the article below.

NRIs meet in general talk about
1) stay in the new country,
2) how long they might stay?
3) keeps calculating how much he/she has?
4) compare between the two countries - home and immigrant
5) immigration status and how to improve?
6) new country issues, home country issues.
7) Job
8) Investments in new country or how to invest in home country.

NRIs have a general tendency of picturing the home country in their mind and keep it the same way. The NRIs pause the image and keep it as a photo in their mind about the Home country India. They expect it to stay the same way about the home country, while they can see the new country to be progressing.

NRIs keep comparing between the two countries. Slowly the NRI and his family start gelling to the new culture, new country and will not be able to come back to the home country. Also, the NRIs has a major fear that if he gets his family back to the home country, he/she will not be able to continue the same luxury of life.

Given the above opinion, NRIs should come and visit their country and know the reality. The home country might be progressing too fast than the way you might be thinking in your mind.

NRIs should break the thinking and picture that he/she will not be able to continue the same luxury of life. Things can be changed. You can lead a luxury life here also in your home country - India.

If you want to do business or work here, just come and do the trial, do not decide in just less than 6 months or 1 year and go back to the immigrant country. Stay for more than a year and then only you can prove yourself and also progress yourself.

I know lot of people who tried to come back here to India, but could not stay back so they left to the new country as they were.

I know lot of people who could not even try to come back to India because are already settled in the new country and adapted to the new culture in the new country and they become a foreigner automatically.

India is fast growing and it has lot of potential for growth. Other developed countries are saturated in terms of growth. With the curve of Economy, we can also grow with it and keep progressing and become successful in our own country.

Do not keep thinking about small things like Traffic, Queues for anything in India and break that thought and be brave enough to come back to your home country and live here sufficiently with your family and also give your hard work, ideas and contribute your efforts to the growth of your country!!

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