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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Statistics for Brain Drain from Madurai

Need to book train for your hometown (either Madurai or down South) from Chennai during festivals? You will need fast internet & also fast fingers to get a berth!!

Nov.5, 2010 is the Deepavali last year. Reservation for trains for Nov.3, 2010 started on Aug 5th 8.00AM. It seemed thousands of youngsters were waiting on the start line at their Computers with bated breath.

When the reservation is officially available, all the berths on Pandian Express (most preferred train to Madurai) is full within 8 minutes and 2 seconds! Now, that’s a record!!

Nine other trains to Southern destination were full in another 6 seconds!. Perhaps these records will be bettered in future :)

Railway authorities ruled out irregularities & say 70% of tickets were booked through the net. bulk booking, booking by agents were blocked on that day.

It only shows all the brain drain from Madurai & down south. Fresh engineers & graduates from Madurai were forced to move at least to Chennai / Bangalore for opportunities.

Madurai has the basic infrastructure, better than many state capitals. It deserves to do better on the job front. Rather than expecting business men from up north, Madurai’s business class must rise to the needs.

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