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Made in Madurai                

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sub-outsourcing of Jobs Consultancy in Madurai from Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and other major cities of Tamil Nadu and India

We, Sana Jobs, HR, Placement and Career Consultants in Madurai has capability of finding a suitable candidates for your company's HR requirements.

We have large number of resumes already in our database, from which we can just find and get you candidates suiting your Human Resource needs.

We have found new strategies for finding new candidates as well, so you can contact us for any of your human resource needs.

Most of the candidates for your job is being sourced from southern districts of Tamil Nadu (All of districts South of Chennai) and if you count the employees in your company working in Chennai and their native places - you will find that the person is not mainly from Chennai and has migrated from other cities of tamil nadu.

Do you realize something here?
We can source candidates from Madurai and other regions for you and help you find correct candidates.

Please contact us at SanaConsultantsIn@gmail.com and call 9629559591. - Sana Jobs Consultants - http://www.oruacre.com/jobberbase/public/about/ or SanaConsultants.com.

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