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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Silver is going up - Good Opportunity

Today, we are not looking at Silver, because it is considered still cheap, though it is raising in prices.

Compared to gold, silver is kind of low in our eyes. But you never know - what will be the future. Silver was just Rs.30 bunch of days back. Now it is Rs.55 and gold at around Rs.1940 today.

Just notice the price difference for Silver and just see the silver's chart price!

If you go and buy at Rs.55 for around 20 grams - that comes to around Rs.1100. If you keep repeating that you can gain 1Kg or 2Kg over a period of time or over the years without any strain to your pocket or wallet.

I think that works out - because shelling out Rs.1000 is not a problem then and there. Avoid probably eating out sometimes and you can do this.

Why don't we do this?

All these are my personal advices which struck to my mind and I do not gain anything if you buy gold or silver:)!!!

Happy Investment!!! - Madurai Finance Wisdom for you



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