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Thursday, March 03, 2011

Madurai Budget Snapshot for the year 2010-2011 and 2011-2012

Madurai's Earnings is Rs.175 crores and 37 lakhs
Madurai's Expenditure Rs.183 crores and 37 lakhs

Opposition parties like ADMK and DMDK stepped out from the Assembly hall, for not accepting the loss or deficit of Rs.8 Crores.

It is said that around Rs.5.82 crores was spent on maintenance of highways (27 kms of Mattuthavani to Thirumangalam highways). But opposition parties claim that there is not much work done and how come this amount is deficit (source: dinamalar).

Moreover, Madurai has got loan it seems, which is being given back slowly with interest. Madurai Commissioner Sebastian said - "A loan of around Rs.29 crores for the interest of 12.5% is got, so it is being given back. Now, around 11 crores is given back, but it is expected that by 2016, it has to be given back".

Mayor of Madurai Mrs.Thenmozhi Gopinathan has said that there is already plans for fulfilling the deficit amount in the coming years. Given the property taxes and Business taxes, we will be able to make it ok.

Madurai Machan - I wish there are more businesses and we come up with more turnover for Madurai! Long live Madurai!!

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