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Thursday, March 03, 2011

Invitation formality in Madurai

Based on our culture, we are always bonded with the relatives and friends. Even if you are not well bonded, you will be talked about good or bad.

If you have a function at your home, you will have to formally invite everyone. You will have to print the invitation very formally and include everyone's name. Otherwise, they will become angry. It is something like not giving respect.

If you are politically associated, you will have to please your leader. So, you will have to have big photos of your leader.

If you are bonded with lot of relatives, you will have to list all their names in it.

Also for invitation, you will have to go personally and invite everyone. For special people, you will have to give beetle leaves, supari and nuts. You might have to go as a family and give.

Sometimes these formalities are good and sometimes it is pain in the neck. Will this continue?



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