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Monday, April 24, 2006

A Wonderful Recognition Story

There is a very nice story my friend told sometime back. There was an employee called X. X was working in the ford motor company. He didn't like his job, because it was all monotonous job and he was becoming tired in mind. As usual one day he came to the factory and he was working the usual stuff of manufacturing nuts and bolts. Company Chairman C crossed his seat and went into his office. After sometime chairman called him and told him come on in. X went in. C showed a world map to X and told him did you know, all the nuts and bolts YOU MANUFACTURE are used to make cars, which are running across the world. In turn, you are one of the persons, who is helping in producing prestigious cars which are running across the world. From that day X realized what he is doing in his job and moreover he felt recognized and he did his best on his job.



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