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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Various categories of industries in Madurai

Madurai is a place which shows a versatility in industries but the thing is it will be well organized way of establishment for eg. Granite cutting and polishing industrial units in Melur and Sivagangai road alone. Textile mills near Tirumangalam, Kappalur, Kallupatti and Kariyaapatti areas alone etc. So, there are many textile industries in and around Madurai of which we captured some alone which may be samples of all those kinda industries.

Not forgetting BPOs/Call Centers - Voice and Non-Voice, IT/Software, Hardware and ITeS companies in and around Madurai.

* Agro-based
* Textiles
* Auto-mobiles
* Granite Industries
* Rubber Industries
* Chemical Industries
* Healthcare products industries
* Steel/Alloy Industries
* IT/BPO Industry - Though no IT biggies except 2 units from Honeywell, We have many small scale IT companies and well-established BPO base.

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