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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Madurai Railway Station Junction needs more infrastructure

Many suggest that the best solution will be to improve the Koodal Nagar station and make use of it like the T Nagar or Tambaram stations in Chennai. Except for the Guruvayur Express, other trains do not halt at this station, though the station has vast potential.

"Koodal Nagar station should be developed next to Madurai because almost half of the population of Madurai lives in this region. It will greatly ease the congestion at Madruai Junction," Jayaprakasam said.

However, Madurai Junction has lot of operational difficulties which has to be addressed immediately, say the employees here.

"Madurai Junction in fact does not have doubling because it ends with the Vaigai river. It means either reception or despatch at a single time," a railway staff explained. Due to this, two trains cannot be operated at a single time though there is doubling from Dindigul. Another challenge is that the station does not have an alternative other than platform number one to receive any goods train with many wagons. Platform one is congested most of the time with more number of trains being operated from there.

"When a goods train enters during peak hour, it becomes a herculean task to handle the other trains. Despatching trains late to other divisions will get us a black mark and railways gives lot of importance to goods traffic as well. It creates huge tension among the staff from various sections at those moments," another railway employee said.

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