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Friday, February 24, 2012

Madurai Vizha 2012 - Madurai Meena

Here is a chance to be a tourist in your own city, as Madurai Vizha — 2012 returns for the second successive year packed with more information and knowledge sharing, fun and entertainment, competitions and culturals.

That is how young graphics designer Gaurie Gupta came up with an innovative idea called “Madurai Meena – the traveling doll”. Meena is a hand-painted wooden doll representing a typical 10-year-old Madurai girl dressed in pattu-pavadai, wearing bangles and jasmine flowers and sporting a bindi. The mascot will be launched today evening at the inauguration of the Madurai Vizha. After that she will begin her journey across the world as the city's ambassador (see box). Gaurie's wish is, “If Barbie can take the world by storm, so can Madurai Meena.”

Friday to Sunday night - Three Days Festival - Don't miss it!!!



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