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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Why should I pay a real estate agent a commission?

I go as a buyer to the market and walk around the streets or look up in the internet and go and see properties to buy a property for myself. And then I hit on a real estate and he/she helps me with the deal. Once the deal/transaction is completed, I am asked Real Estate Commission. Here...Why should I pay a real estate commission charge to a real estate for buying my property.

Yes, definitely there is a reason to it. Even myself as a buyer, it pains to pay to a real estate agent, for a transaction you do. However, he/she has also done significant amount of work for closing your property transaction.

The real estate agent first of all fixes a percentage - either 1% or 2%. The real estate agent provides you with a valid information for your transaction. That is if you are a buyer, you are provided with seller information or property information. Moreover, not only one property - the real estate provides you with lot of properties for you to choose from. Or if you are seller, the agent brings you the buyer for you. Also they help you with visiting the site and also explain and pros and cons of the land or apartment or house or property. Once you decide on the property, they will help you with legal issues, and make your property and amount transaction smooth and successful. After this, as a buyer or seller, you cannot say I will not pay this much amount or I cannot pay commission etc., That is how people are in this real estate market. Very unprofessional - even buyers, sellers and in most cases brokers. It will take sometime to become professionalized. Mostly after things are on paper, like the way it is in USA.

Next time, you buy or sell, don't hesitate to pay the brokers, appropriately. However, don't get cheated by real estate brokers/agents/mediators. Only if you pay properly, they will be able to do their business properly and they won't cheat or that gives them opportunity to perform better or atleast a minimal opportunity for them to become professional.

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