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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sana Property Services - Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Sagana Enterprises Private Limited is re-branding or placing an umbrella on top of OruAcre.com and other services in Chennai.

OruAcre.com was Sana Property Services and now Sana Property Services is named as one of the services provided by Sagana Enterprises. Sana Property Services will not only contain OruAcre.com as one of the services, but there will be more to that.

Sana Property Services will act as Real Estate Advisory and Property Management Services company. OruAcre.com will as usual deal with buy, sell, rent of properties and PG accommodation. Most of them would be only existing and old properties. However, the second division of Sana Property Services will deal with new properties in Chennai and that will be called Yellow Homes - the name is derived from Yellow Pages. YellowHomes.in means Yellow Pages of Homes. Yellow Homes will provide a buffet of homes, for a prospective buyer who wants to buy a property in Chennai and he is hungry for that. Third division would be Property Management Services.

Sana Property Services - Real Estate Advisory and Property Management Services
--- YellowHomes.in - New Apartments, Houses and Villas in Chennai
--- OruAcre.com - Your Local Real Estate Helper - Tamil Nadu Properties.
--- Property Management Services - Tenancy Mgmnt, Rental & any misc. services.

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