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Friday, November 18, 2011

Unbelievable price hike rise in Tamil Nadu Bus Fares, Milk and Electricity

Tamil Nadu government has raised the bus fares, milk and electricity rates effective today.

Bus fares has increased like anything. Rs.260 fare has been raised by Rs.100. Milk from Rs.17 to Rs.24 and the same applies to electricity rates.

This is pretty bad. Even for a well earning person itself, there is lot of budget calculation going on in home, what will happen to the poor people. This is absurd.

This government came to rescue people of Tamil Nadu, and now this government screws up.

The chief minister says this situation is because central government is not properly funding. Can't the current government generate revenue by itself or stop complaining on others?!

Why do they give free stuff, when such price hikes happens!! No one is good in governance in Tamil nadu!

Sad thing for poor people and middle class people!!!

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