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Thursday, November 17, 2011

About Real Estate Brokers Mediators Agents in Madurai

I have been dealing with some of the real estate mediators (agents or brokers) in Madurai and in various cities like Trichy, Chennai etc., I have the same feeling with them and they are all the same. This is only majority of the brokers and I am not referring to all of the real estate brokers. The minority of successful and professional real estate agents, please excuse this article:)

Even though they have the potential to do lot of business, they do not focus on their efforts and data properly. They do not organize their data properly. However, they have it written in small chits and store it in their mind mostly.

Even though they do lot of business, they do not have sufficient money in their pocket and they ask money from the prospective buyers for change like Rs.200 to RS.300 for every site visit. They don't think long term. They think short-term and have arguments and fights with prospective customers.

Many try out to be a real estate, but only 5% become successful in this market. That is the kind of business it is.

Anybody gets into this business, once they get contacts. Say for example - Iron man (person who irons your clothes) in your street, petti shop owner in your street, tea shop owner. Also, the brokers usually hangout in the nearby tea shop and they can be contacted there only.

Given the investment, data management, marketing, contacts, professionalism, coordination, man power, strength to handle unprofessional work force and hard work, anybody can succeed in this real estate business. I was told by somebody that Jemi was a real estate broker in 90's in Anna Nagar Chennai, and now see he is one of the successful real estate land promoter in Tamil Nadu. Jemi is one of the successful groups in that - I am saying this because I have travelled throughout tamil nadu and I have understood this.

OruAcre.com is a professional Real Estate company, which works for you and helps in your buying process in your city - say it is Madurai, Trichy, Coimbatore and Chennai.

Call 9789757930(Madurai) or 9994262942 (Coimbatore) or 9600658053(Chennai) or 7667601947(Trichy) or email oruacre@gmail.com to get help for buying your property.

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