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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Madurai: The Regional IT Hub

With the recent series of industrial developments Madurai has been experiencing, this area is seemingly becoming the regional information technology hub in India.

Some of the companies that are now operating in Madurai include TVS Srichakra, Fenner, and Madura Coats. There are also many business process outsourcing companies that are flourishing in Madurai. Since many companies are operating in the area, more opportunities are now becoming available for those living within the region.

In a report released by the Confederation of Indian Industries, Madurai actually has the potential to be a manufacturing hub, which can be packaged as a gateway to economic opportunities. This is aside from the fact that Madurai has long been considered a tourist spot which has been giving birth to job opportunities. In addition, the government has put much attention in economically developing the Madurai district to invite more investors in the area. In the past years, many industrial estates have been built in various key areas in Madurai to give way to the booming economic activities here that are mainly about information technology. Some of the industrial estates that are currently operational include:

* SIDCO Industrial Estate, Kappalur
* SIDCO Industrial Estate, K. Pudur
* Hoisery Estate, Uranganpatti
* Automobile Industrial Estate, Kappalur
* Electrical and Electronics Industrial Estate, Kappalur

Due to the presence of educational institutions and the quality labor force available in Madurai, more information technology firms and other companies are becoming interested in expanding their businesses in the area.

Madurai, also known as the Temple City, has indeed come a long way in terms of economic development and opportunities. For many years, it was Karnataka and New Delhi which dominated the IT landscape in India.

Now, Madurai is slowly adapting to this growing field. The IT landscape of Madurai is now dominated by huge companies such as HCL, TCS, and Honeywell. A lot of small and medium firms are also thriving in the city, and some others are planning their expansion.

On the average, Madurai and its neighboring cities can produce at least 15000 university graduates every year. There have, however, been some issues of concern related to the English proficiency of these students. Despite this, IT firms are constantly hiring employees in Madurai and nearby areas, since the area produces at least 9000 engineering graduates annually, which is of course an important field in the IT industry. Even if these graduates are not that proficient in English, they are known for their skills and talents as workers, prompting employers to hire them.

According to a NASSCOM research, “Madurai still needs to work on its local and international connectivity as well as other basic infrastructure before it can become a viable IT-BPO city.” This is one thing the government has been trying to work on that could further improve the economic state of Madurai.

As of this writing, more information technology and business process outsourcing companies are eyeing operation in Madurai that could give more employment opportunities to the city’s residents and those of neighboring areas as well. It may thus certainly be said that Madurai has become the IT hub of the southern part of India.

sourced from Asia Pacific Business and Technology Report.

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