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Friday, April 07, 2006

Read Sundara Kaandam(kandam) during pregnancy!

My friend and his recently become pregnant wife went to a doctor "MD in gynaecology
and obstetrics" - for the initial check up. You know what the doctor had told a
after all the medical and scientific counselling -

She had told to read Sundara Kaandam sitting in the pooja room. Do not read
Mahabharatha! Well, Sundara Kandam is the part of Ramayana.

This is the time when Rama and Sita were separated by Ravana. Hanuman travelled
across the ocean facing all the hurdles and reached Lanka as a messenger to meet
Seetha and give the ring to her. Looks like this is a very good thing to read when
you are pregnant. We need to read it very carefully and with full concentration.
Also, this is basically because to understand that there are various struggles
Hanuman faces to reach Seetha and convey the message and also the same situation as
husband and wife are living separate, which is something similar to the pregnant
lady. Isn't this interesting?!!



  • Also a research upon on "sound and its impact on pregnancy" reveals major part of the sundara kanda plays and important role in stimulating the physical condition of the pregnant lady to be best suitable for the healthy physical growth of the foetus.

    also it induces the IQ of the child.

    a study reveals children of moms who read/listen to sundara kanda are more meticulos and refined in their actions when compared to their contemporaries

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