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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Madurai Kamaraj University Staff

please note - this incident does not want to hurt all the staff of the university or government employees. this article is written just for fun and this is to be taken in a comic sense, even though it is a real incident.

I went to Madurai Kamaraj Univeristy couple of years back with my friend for his distance education course on Marketing Management. We were waiting for his uncle to reach his department in the university, so that we can get his help for getting the admission for his distance education course.

We waited..waited..waited. At around 11:30AM, his uncle came after all his side business activities (his side business - is to give loans and get interests!!). After reaching the university he ordered for vada and tea. In fact, we were also offered for the same and we had! Point to be noted here is till afternoon he didn't look into his files for his work!! Not sure he worked after we left the office in the afternoon!

We also noticed that there were few folks reading kumudam and ananda vikatan tamil magazines.

If you are thinking this is what happens in government office, it is not the case - they also do work - otherwise how does the things function. We cannot always crib about them!! There are exceptions!!

In fact, today's few of the software engineers - are reading dinamani, kumudam and vikatan.com online for timepass!! I don't see much difference, when both of them read the magazines in the office time!

If the job is done by them somehow, it should be fine. If the job is not done, the question should be raised to the staff - otherwise he/she should be fine. This is one way of seeing it.

Having said all these, we are all really proud of having Madurai Kamaraj University in Madurai. It offers huge set of classes and some of the great students are prepared there. Great scholars are made in this place!!

Professors are great and if you take a look at the set of courses they offer - it is huge! All over India, people are taking courses from the Distance Education Courses.

In fact, BioTechnology course www.biotechmku.org and the department is very famous in India. Campus interviews are also there in this university for placement of the students of this university.

Check out http://www.mkudde.org/ for more details.

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