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Made in Madurai                

Monday, April 03, 2006

Madurai People and movies based in Madurai

There are lot of movies based on Madurai and they had been very very successful. Madurai belongs to the south tamil nadu and if we take up South Madurai - it is even more fun.

The slang of Tamil spoken in Madurai is different than other districts of Tamil Nadu. "Vandaangae...Ponaangae...". There is no respect in the language, but the people are really nice! they are excellent people.

If you are a guest to a house, you will be treated like a king/queen. You will be asked for everything and you can have nice food, mixed with love and affection.

Kadal, Madurey, Kizhakku Cheemayile, Thevar Magan, Virumaandi etc., were sooper dooper hits and they were all shot in Madurai.

If you have to feel the nicety of Madurai people, you got to visit Madurai, India!

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