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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Attitude of people in Madurai

Attitude of people in Madurai is kind of different than the people in Chennai.
There is a word in Tamil - Kaattaan, which is not a complete derogatory term.

Madurai Kaattaan is referred to a person who is unrefined and uneducated. In other words, uncivilized! Well, you might think it is not wonderful to be a person like that! But you are wrong...

It is really fun to be with these kind of guys, because they are good at heart. That is the point to be noted. Unlike Chennai guys, these Madurai guys care about others, if there is an emergency.

Madurai guys might spit inside a bus, but they will help you if you are hurt in a bus.

Madurai folks might be kaattaan's but they are good at heart. That's why they are great!

Well, from a professional point of view, they need to be refined to become improved in their life and their life style for a better living.

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