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Made in Madurai                

Thursday, March 30, 2006

What is Made In Madurai?

Made In Madurai is considered as a BRAND NAME of an upcoming conglomerate.
Originally we are from Madurai and we have high passion for Madurai. Every business we start will have a caption under it, with Made In Madurai.

Made In Madurai is an all-purpose consultancy services company building a business conglomerate and non-profit organizations. Under this company, we will have lot of commercial and non-profit organizations.

All the commercial companies under Made in Madurai will serve the society by contributing 10% of its profits to the non-profit organizations associated with us.

We have lot of projects going on currently and we have plans for lot of future projects. You can find all of the details in Made In Madurai.

One of our Non-profit initiatives are - New Madurai Foundation. Our recent success is - Launching a free library in Madurai. You can check that in our site, for updates - New Madurai.

Another thing we do is - we have become a channel for Akshaya Rehabilitation Foundation, Madurai for any donations from all over the world.

Our Made In Madurai Online Spiritual Portal - God Krishna Foundation

Please take a look at the current picture of our Commercial Companies -
CustomerSatisfied.com - A Made In Madurai Software Company

We are in the initial steps of launching A Made In Madurai Movie Entertainment Portal. We are blogging all the articles in Thara Ticket

You can see more projects in talks by checking our site - Made In Madurai.

This is the current picture of Made In Madurai, but still yet to grow and we will become MONSTER in building a Business Conglomerate!!!

Just wait and see. If you like it, please join the mission now itself or be a partner to us - Contact Us.

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