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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Just don't exist! Live Life!!

Everyone has purpose in life. Everyone should find out why he/she has come to this
world. We should not just eat, drink and sleep. We should not just lead the life of
getting birth, do the routine, give birth, do the routine and die! That is called
"existence". We need to LIVE the life.

There has to be a change in the world, in which you were born and from which you
leave. We need to be the catalyst in the world we live and change the world or be a
change, as Gandhi said.

There is another quote from Gandhi again - We need to live life as we are going to
die tomorrow and learn as if we are going live for ever.

Think yourself as being a centre and around you there are lot of concetric circles
- Every circle means your things/lives that are close to you. For example, there
will be a circle which is just near you - that is your personal space. second
circle will be your family, if you are a family oriented person. And third could
your friends. Fourth could be relatives. Fifth could be your society. Sixth could
be your city you love. Seventh could be your country. You might want to prioritize
your circles according to your wish.

Considering various facts, we need to identify why we are here and DO the thing,
instead of just exist by doing the routine.



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