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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Neutrality of news publications and media

I see a news in one of the neutral publication like this -

Tamil Nadu Election Commission has asked for a explanation from DMK and Congress for using as many as 228 vehicles were used for election campaign.

A commission spokesman said similar show-cause notices had also been issued to other alliance partners of the DMK-led Democratic Progressive Alliance (DPA) for violation of the model code of conduct.


These things happen, and I am not saying this is a crime. But the news has not reached the major public, because of domination of media by one single group.

Well, the media and publication business is dominated by one party and just dominating and having control over the news reaching the public. From a business perspective, this is how this marketing problem could be handled, but this is not a fair thing to do to the tamil nadu public.

Someone has to save Tamil Nadu!



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