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Monday, April 24, 2006

Start a business of software in Madurai!

After elections, I am sure Madurai is expected to have a software park sometime in a year's time.

Start thinking in terms of building a software company now in the secondary cities - like Madurai, Tirunelveli etc., and it is the right time.

1. Take up domestic projects in India only, that might give a good amount of revenue. Currently CRM and ERP products are really needed in India, and that has to be tapped perfectly.

2. Provide software products, projects and websits FREE for Non-governmental organizations.

3. Produce software products on demand and start exporting to various countries.

4. Production cost is very low in secondary cities like Madurai. Start producing them.

5. Sub-outsourcing is one of things we can take up. Take up part of their projects from the main cities in India like Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai.

6. Contacts is going to be very important here. Networking is very important.

7. If you are not good in networking, then hire someone who is good in that. Partnership is also another thing, we might need to opt for.

8. If Madurai is slowly getting the infrastructure for industries, let us tap that gradually for building our software companies.

9. If you own a software company already, network with other software companies to mutually benefit.

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