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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Saturday morning is great!

I try to wake up early on saturday morning, because of couple of reasons.

1. Enjoy the moments of saturday morning.
2. Have coffee and browse the news sites without any tension.
3. there is no official work to do for next two days and we can be relaxed about the 2 days.
4. The two days time is just our time and nobody else can take it up.
5. It is totally family time.
6. Listen to good tamil music from raaga.com or from our MP3s.
7. Jog, Play.

Overall, it is our time and do just my personal stuff on saturday morning.
So, I suggest to utilize the saturday morning as much as possible. Even saturday evening does not have this glory of the morning.
If you miss it, you will get it back again only next week, after 5 solid working days!!



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