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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Documents Required for Home Loan Processing - OruAcre.com

Clear Documents and Information Required for Home Loan Processing in Chennai -

1) Salary-Credit-Balance-Bank-Statement Latest
2) passport-size-photo.jpg
3) driving-license-front.JPG
4) driving-license-back.JPG
5) PAN-card.JPG
6) voters-id-front.JPG
7) voters-id-back.JPG
8) Salary Slips - Latest
9) Office ID Card
10) Office Business Card

Office address
Asset Details current - House and Lands
Residential Address
Residence Address Proof
Cheque leaf for the processing fees
Reference Contacts - Name, Phone and Address

Common requirements for all applicants,

1. Application form duly filled in.

2. Copy of sanctioned plan and sanction letter.

3. Copy of NA permission/ULC clearance, wherever applicable.

4. One guarantor form and his/her salary certificate in our format. If guarantor is in business or profession, a copy of his/her latest I.T.return/assessment order.

5. Bank Pass-book or statements for the last two years.

6. Power of Attorney, wherever applicable

Additional Requirements - For salaried persons

1. Employer's salary certificate in our format/and latest salary slip.

2. Identity card of applicant/s.

3. TDS certificate of applicant/s.

4. PF/ESIS slip of applicant/s.

Additional Requirements -For Businessmen / Self-employed

1. Three years' income tax returns/assessment orders along with computation of income and statements of accounts certified by C.A.

Property Documents - In case of purchase from builder

1. Copy of Agreement for sale.

2. Copy of registration receipt.

3. Copies of receipts of payment already made.

4. NOC from builders.

Property Documents - In case of direct allotment in a Co-operative Housing Society by Public Agency

1. Allotment letter, Share certificate, Society Registration certificate.

2. Lease Agreement.

3. Public agency's approved list of members.

4. NOC from Public Agency in favor of LICHFL.

5. NOC from society

Property Documents - In case of Public Agency's allotment to individuals

1. Allotment letter from Public Agency.

2. Tripartite Agreement between the borrower, LICHFL and the Public Agency in the prescribed format.

Property Documents - In case of resale

1. Copy of all previous vendors' registered documents along with copy of your purchase agreement duly stamped and registered and the registration receipt wherever applicable

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