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Monday, October 31, 2011

Yellow Homes.in New Apartments and Houses for Sale in Chennai - Chennai Real Estate

YellowHomes.in (under construction - to be live by Dec 5th 2011) is a division of OruAcre.com, where it is dedicated only for new projects, new apartments, new houses in Chennai.

Today, Real Estate buying process is so tedious for an NRI or a Chennai Citizen, given the work pressure and busy schedule. YellowHomes.in will be a guide in the whole process of buying a new property in Chennai. You call us +91-9629557866 or email us OruAcre@gmail.com or come to our office with your idea of buying a property in Chennai. YellowHomes.in has tie up with all the major real estate providers in Chennai and we will help you, starting from which location is best for you and also give you a buffet of properties for you to choose from. Once properties are shortlisted under our guidance, we take you through site visits and explain you the advantages and disadvantages. Once you nail down on the property, we help you with Document Verification, Home Loan Application and till Registration and Legal Documentation of your property.

  • Provide Requirements and Shortlist
  • SiteVisits and Inspections
  • Document verification
  • Home Loan Application
  • Registration and Legal Documentation.

All of the above services are ABSOLUTELY FREE for a BUYER who contact us and go through us.

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