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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Cheap and Best Land in Madurai for Investment - Starting from Rs.1 Lakh for plot

Cheap and Best Land in Madurai for Investment - Starting from Rs.1 Lakh from plot::

In today's real estate Market anywhere in Tamil Nadu, can you make any investment with an amount of Rs.1 Lakh? Nila Farms provides that.


Only on mutual funds or gold you can invest, but on real estate, there is no way you can invest for Rs.1 Lakh and earn double in just couple of years.

Today it is 2011. It is expected that by 2015, this investment would double, as per the Real Estate Trends of Madurai. Would you consider this investment if this 1 Lakh would double to 2 Lakh, without doing anything?

Instead of just keeping Rs.1 Lakh in bank, if you invest here, you get a 5.5 cents of land (at a cheap rate of Rs.20,000 per cent) and also it doubles in rate in just 3 years or so.

Applying the same formula, just invest Rs.5 Lakhs and that becomes Rs.10 Lakhs. This is wonderful investment.

Given the amount of hard work we put in, in our profession, it is not enough money. It is only when we invest and multiply, we can become rich or get the returns for any money we need for winter times like Children School Education, Marriage or any emergency funds.

Given the inflation we are facing, it is important for everyone of us to invest and multiply and grow with the inflation. If you just rely on your monthly income, we will end up living month-to-month and that will be waste of time.

Invest in Nila Farms and you will get good returns!!!

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