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Made in Madurai                

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Rediff.com has listed Madurai as one of the 36 cities to turn India's future


Population (2011) - 928,869

Education/colleges - 20

Graduates - 15,000

Size of the city - 51.82 square km

Why future city:

  • A city of temples and cynosure of south Indian culture and tradition, Madurai presents a happy amalgamation of modernity and tradition. Amply anchored on education centres, it provides an ideal opportunity for developing into a model future city.

Ideal for business in - rubber producing centres, sport goods, production of automobile rubber component, automotive, IT & ITES, textile, retail and malls.

  • In the recent years, the city has seen growth in the hospitality industry.
Image: Meenakshi temple.
Photographs: Courtesy, Wikimedia Commons

original in rediff.com



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