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Monday, October 10, 2011

Health Tips - Madurai Health Wisdom

1) Take any five colours. Make it as the thumb rule, it prevents ageing, keeps you healthy and fresh fruits/vegetables are good for cardiac health.

2) With regard to dinner timing, one should try to complete dinner at least two hours before going to bed. Then, just before going to sleep, one should take a fruit or a glass of milk “and the habit of taking dinner minutes before sleeping late in the night is very harmful due to medical metabolic reasons. Early dinner tonight will keep you brisk tomorrow morning. In clear terms that heart attacks are no longer a rich man's disease.

3) Walking with moderate speed for about 40 minutes every day at a time or in phases is good. No fasting and no feasting principle is the ideal thing for all. Keep track of your blood glucose level. Avoid ‘bajji' ‘vadai' and roadside parotta. Fresh fruits, grape juice, carrot, garlic, onion and “pannier dratchai” (grapes) are good for health.

4) No one should avoid milk because it has calcium, proteins and minerals. Use skimmed milk for adults. Avoid whole milk.

5) Anything taken in moderation is good and one need not avoid anything/everything completely except smoking/alcohol. Take fruits alone without combining it with food timing. It will have more positive influence on your heart. Combine a good exercise schedule with your daily food habits. Split your meals in a day. Instead of taking huge quantity at a time, take the same quantity in five or six times. You will see the difference for yourself and it is especially good for diabetics.

6) Stroke, blood pressure, coronary heart problems, diabetes and heart, evils of smoking, physical exercises and eating at least 400 gms of fruits and vegetables every day were among the specifics discussed in the awareness meeting.

7) On cardio vascular diseases by saying: Smokers carry two to three times risk of heart attacks than non-smokers. Life expectancy for smokers is 20 per cent less than non-smokers. Eat more fruits and vegetables.

Tips from Madurai Doctors and Health Professionals.



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