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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Invest in (Real Estate and others) Madurai, Potential of Madurai - Humble Conference, Seminar and Webinar in Madurai

About: Invest (Real Estate and others) in Madurai, Potential of Madurai - Humble Conference, Seminar and Webinar in Madurai

December 10th 2011
Time: Evening at 5 PM -7:45 PM
Venue: A/C Hall booked in Bypass road. Opposite PRC Bus depot.

Registration: FREE!! Just give a call!! Only limited seats available. So, RUSH and register by contacting the below number or email.

Webinar: (for people who are remote and want to attend) Connection details will be provided soon.

Who should attend:
Anybody from Madurai, in Madurai, also people settled outside Madurai (Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, USA, UK, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai, UAE etc.,), wants to invest in Madurai, looking for advice in Real Estate investment, NRI services and most importantly understand Potential of Madurai.

Anybody interested to invest in Madurai can attend.

1) Potential and Opportunities of Madurai
2) Return of Investment in Madurai
3) How to start a company in Madurai
4) Investment in Real Estate - Detailing on Specific Real Estate Projects. You can get to know the layout and pricing details of various real estate projects in Madurai. - Promoted by OruAcre.com
5) NRI services in Madurai.
6) Difference of living in Madurai and living in abroad - Coming back to Madurai.
7) Invest in Madurai
8) Last benefit is networking between all the people present.

If you want to attend this meeting in person or want to dial into the conference, please let us know via madurai247@gmail.com or call +91-9629557866

Sponsored by:
Real Estate Investment Partner: OruAcre.com
Media Partner: Madurai247.com
Non-Profit Partner: New Madurai Foundation
Software Partner: Customer Satisfied Technologies
Marketing Partner: Maayaa Marketing Services
Location Sponsor: Sun Driving School, Madurai

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