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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Madurai Conference - Invest in Madurai - Calling NRIs to Madurai - Seminar and Webinar

Dear NRIs and Maduraiites outside Madurai,

If you are from Madurai and if you are interested in Madurai, it is a great opportunity for you to know more about Madurai and invest in Madurai.

This is a programme named "Calling Madurai - Invest in Madurai" by Sana Consultants, a division of Sagana Enterprises Private Limited. Please note this is not affiliated with any government departments yet. However, this is conducted out of public interest.

Calling Madurai Project

This project is basically similar to “Pravasi Divas” of our India. Basically bringing many NRIs and other NRMs to Madurai for investment. New Madurai will be a liaison between the administrative officers who could do presentation about Madurai to the NRIs for any investment they could think of. Basically we need to arrange and organize a meeting and high tea between these two parties for interests in Madurai. These meetings are free of cost, and you do not have to pay anything in this meeting. This meeting is done as a service and also a possibility of Networking for future growth of Madurai with the opportunities available in Madurai and combined with the potential of all NRIs originated from Madurai.

In order to achieve in this project, as a first step, we would like to do two meetings one by July 22nd 2011 and another in December 10th 2011. The location is decided to be "an A/C Hall in Bypass road, Madurai" (Venue). It is planned for two times in a year. The dates are chosen considering the availability of NRIs in India. July and December are usually vacation times for NRIs (Indian living abroad).

If you are available during this time, please register with us prior by emailing your interest to attend to Madurai247@gmail.com or call +91-9629557866. This registration or confirmation will help us plan the event properly.

This is the first meeting of NRIs in Madurai, which will help us get started in this project.

The full agenda will be detailed in couple of days, but the gist of discussion of this meeting would be -

1) Potential and Opportunities of Madurai
2) Return of Investment in Madurai
3) How to start a company in Madurai.
4) Investment in Real Estate - Detailing on Specific Real Estate Projects. You can get to know the layout and pricing details of various real estate projects in Madurai. - Sponsored by OruAcre.com
5) NRI services in Madurai.
6) Difference of living in Madurai and living in abroad - Coming back to Madurai.
7) Invest in Madurai

Another good thing is - we will arrange a webinar in combination with this seminar. Even if you are not able to attend personally, you can attend by dialing into the conference number at the same time. We will publish the conference number soon.

NRI Services in Madurai, Trichy, Coimbatore, Chennai

Thank you
Tamil Selvan.

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