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Thursday, May 12, 2011

New Dimension to Madurai Tourism, Madurai Travels and Madurai Cabs and Madurai Hotels - SanaTourism.com

Tourism is one of the important industries in Madurai and that fetches good amount of money and revenue into Madurai.

Most of the businesses are not very structured in Madurai. Say for example, Real Estate or Politics or Tourism/Travels etc., May be Hospitality industry is.

Anyway, some of the efforts in our businesses are to get some structure to the industry and fill in the gaps, so that we can also gain by providing some kind of infrastructure to the industry.

As far as I am concerned, we can provide infrastructure like Software and Online infrastructure and also a Business Process Outsourcing structure to the industry.

In this Tourism industry, we thought it is very much necessary for an online infrastructure to be present, so that any tourist who wants to have pleasure stay in madurai can contact and do the needful.

Hence we came up with a team of people who can coordinate with the tourists and bunch of travels companies to partner with and also bunch of good quality hotels to partner with. Moreover most importantly came with a website for contacting us - SanaTourism.com

Contact us sanatourism@gmail.com for more details.

if you are a Madurai travels, please contact us and we can help you tour in and around Madurai and whole of Tamil Nadu etc., If you go through our website, you will know.

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