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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Madurai college students go on the rampage, damage vehicles, buildings

please read the actual article here.

This is the quality of students we have! Atleast a section of students who are doing this.

(Those) Students -
Do you guys have social responsibility?
How dare you destroy public and private properties?
Will you do that in your home?
You don't pay taxes for sure, because you are still some irresponsible students!
If it is your vehicle, you will go and rampage your bike or car?
Since you are irresponsible you go and damage somebody else's bike! The bike owner might have got the bike on loan and also he/she will have to pay for the expenses of repairing the bike or car.
Same applies to public properties also. The public bus has to be repaired and that is an extra cost. You know how much does the front glass of the Bus (windshield glass)?

Atlast if it was for a good reason (even that is not acceptable), but it is not even for a good convincing reason. Stop this nonsense and be some good students!!

This is totally unacceptable!! Is this what we teach in our colleges and schools? Or is this Madurai Attitude!?

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