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Monday, March 07, 2011

NRIs coming back to India and starting company in madurai

Click here to read the story - Silicon Valley USA immigrants are moving back to the home country - mostly India.

This is the news guys! USA is not friendly about the visa and its immigrant policies are strict that any immigrant Indian can start anything there. In fact it is a good thing for their country, if we stay there - we can create more jobs.

However, things happen for good! Since the other countries are not friendly in their policies, ultimately people come back to their country and they can create more jobs here.

This is what I like - we start companies here in India, in your own state - Tamil Nadu and in your own city - in my case Madurai! Start companies and give more jobs to people.

People should come back to their country and serve their country. Do not settle in some other country. Come back and use your brain here. Invest what you earn outside the country. Use your special knowledge and serve our country.

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  • Too much addiction to a particular place is something not so good to encourage. And Madurai attitude in gesturing the guest has not as good it use to be. People are in touch only if they feel they are useful to each other. More and more business people into this lovely place may spoil the true tradition of the city. As a example, One of my friends who is doing business was eager to meet me after my return from abroad. We both were eager to meet and it happened. While the conversation was going on I releasied that my friend who invited me was not happy with me …. In the sense, that I may not be useful to him in business deal. So , he was keen in finishing the conversation and sending me out. When I was about to leave he told me that we will be in touch through mail cautiously thinking I may meet him often in person. In fact I never to meet anyone just like that and infact better professional than him on many ways.

    So, the more the away more the respect.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:22 PM  

  • You stay in a foreign country and come back for your vacation to Madurai for 10 days and you wish Madurai stays the same way as it was in your childhood?

    Wouldn't you want to improve Madurai industrially or economically well ahead?

    Well - while that happens, there will be disturbances to the culture and tradition little bit. May be we can wish it stays culturally the same, which is quite a difficult task but that will be ideal.

    By Anonymous Velayutham, at 10:43 AM  

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