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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

General Manager job for DeccanForce Career Consultants, Madurai

General Manager job for DeccanForce Career Consultants, Madurai

at DeccanForce Career Consultants in Madurai

We are DeccanForce Career Consultants, owners of OruVelai.com are looking for General Manager, who can take care of lot of responsibilities in DeccanForce Career Consultants, and also in our other parts of our company OruAcre.com and SanaCars.com.

This person should have good managerial skills, coordination, good communication.
This Manager should be able to sit and call customers and talk to them to get job requirements, and communicate it to the team to post ads and have good relationship with customers over phone. Part of the responsibility for this manager would be to do little bit tele-marketing.

Overall, all the skills required for a manager would be good for this person!

Work location is in Madurai and should be able to work in small teams.

Contact us, if you are interested - 9629557866 or DeccanForce@gmail.com.



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