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Monday, April 17, 2006

Interesting statistics about Madurai - Promote Madurai as an Industrial Madurai

1.Environmental friendly industries. (Compared to Chennai & Coimbatore , Madurai is free from pollution)
2.Better Work Culture of Madurai (No industrial dispute or unrest for the past 6-7 years)
3.A city of Rubber – Rubber Auto Components. (More than Rs.700 crores turnover in Rubber Industry)
4.Possibility of reviving the position of Madurai in Textile Industrial Map of India.
5.Abundant availability of educated, trained labour force (10 Engineering Colleges, 10 Polytechnics, 5 Management Institutes, 2 Community Colleges, 4 Catering Technology Institute producing more than 20,000 strong work force.)

Note: Data might not be accurate. There might be correction here and there. We have tried our best to collect it accurate.

Source: MADITSSIA, Madurai



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